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our aim is to provide small businesses and individuals with affordable solutions  to enable them to get a presence on the internet,
be that you would like to have  a web page/ site to market your business, attract more customers or even  if you would like a place
to simply share you ideas with others.

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miSite my web designer did some research on the Australian Bureau of Statistics web site and thought we should share the information.......
Have a read of what we found:

at the end of June 2014 in Australia, there were 12,483,000 internet subscribers. these are people with a broadband connection to the internet as opposed to those using mobile devices to access the internet*.

AND it gets better

as at 30 June 2014, there were 20.6 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia*.

*information courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics


 NO business in Australia can afford NOT to have a presence on the internet

there is a few minutes of reading here, however a quick read through just might help you take a step in the right direction for business success!

often when you talk to small business people, they will raise points as to why they don't have a web site for their business.

some of the issues people raise are outlined in the following questions;

1. do i really need a web site for my business?
2. will it cost me to get a web site?
3. i already have a Facebook page? isn't that good enough?
4. i  don't sell goods online. why would i need a web site?
5. i can't use technology very well, so how would i look after a web site let alone create one. where would I begin?
6. i've got a mate that can make websites. shouldn't i get him to do it for me?

show me the answers


by having a website you will be able to grow your customer base

  1. increase the visibility of your business which in turn makes you stand out against your competitors

  2. higher visibility means more lead generation

  3. increased lead generation means more enquires to your business

  4. more enquires, more opportunity to convert the leads to sales = better business = higher return on investment (increased profits)

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